Get ready for an O2Touch summer

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Get ready for an O2Touch summer

With sunshine forecast across the capital this fine week, who could think of a better way to finish off our Spring season.


world cup 5

With Clapham/Wandsworth and Putney/Wandsworth kicking off the finals fever last week, this week we see Clapham Common, Regents Park, Hyde Park, Surrey Quays and Richmond teams fight it out to win the ever coveted trophy.

Monday – Thursday evenings across London will also see the parks and pitches adorned with touch players taking part in the World Cup fever. Each time finals week rolls around, those teams not playing off for the trophies are given a theme to dress by. Along with the O2Touch Finals sweeping the nation, we thought it was only right to pay tribute to another sport that is also taking England (and the world) by storm.

Last week at Clapham/Wandsworth and Putney/Wandsworth – we saw some great examples of teams getting into the spirit of things and taking on the colours of their favourite nation. To check out some great action and team photos from these two venues, make sure to head across to our IN2TOUCH Facebook page – LIKE the page to keep up to date with all the happenings of Touch across London and England.


With all the finals fever action taking place too – don’t forget that you still have time enter a TEAM or as an INDIVIDUAL for the Summer 2014 Season. With 7 venues across London, the action will take place for an 8 week season.

Regents Park – has seen a record number of teams enter this year! Across 4 nights, 102 teams will fight it out to be crowned the Top Dog! Both Mixed and Men’s competitions will be taking place at not only Regents Park, but at all of our London venues that also started this week.

Space available across all evenings – but very LIMITED.
Monday Men’s – 2 spaces

Monday Mixed – 3 spaces

Tuesday Men’s – 2 spaces

Tuesday Mixed – 2 spaces

Wednesday Men’s – 2 spaces

Wednesday Mixed – 1 space

Thursday Men’s – 2 spaces

Thursday Mixed – 2 spaces


Clapham Common – once again proving to be our most popular venue, is bursting at the seams with teams who are eager to up their touch knowledge and be even better than the game before.

Monday Men’s – FULL

Monday Mixed – 2 spaces

Tuesday Mixed – FULL

Wednesday Mixed – FULL

Thursday Mixed – FULL

Clapham/Wandsworth – has also set a new record! This season we have reached full capacity for the Women’s league competition, AGAIN!! This is amazing news for not only O2Touch, but for Touch as a Sport. The growing participation numbers by women in the sport is just awesome to see (and it shows the guys that girls don’t always need them in a team). With a lot of development going ahead, it was great to see that London based club, Galaxy – has re-entered TWO women’s teams into this league (a mini army of girls who can dive and throw long balls!).

Tuesday Men’s – 2 spaces

Tuesday Mixed – 1 space

Wednesday Men’s – FULL

Wednesday Ladies – FULL

Wednesday Mixed – FULL

Thursday Men’s – 2 spaces

Thursday Mixed – 1 spaces



Tuesday Men’s – 1 space

Tuesday Mixed – 2 spaces

Thursday Social Mixed – 2 spaces

Thursday Ladies Superleague – 1 space

Thursday Men’s Superleague – FULL

Thursday Mixed Superleague – 1 space

Hyde Park

Wednesday Mixed – 1 space

Surrey Quays

Wednesday Mixed – 1 space


Wednesday Mixed – 2 spaces
Get set – because the next 8 weeks are going to be absolutely action-packed.

Touchdowns, long balls, dives, steps, flick pass, over the mark, touch and pass, forward pass, full length pitch runs, intercepts, yes no calls, half caught, changing direction, scooting, shutting, defending, attacking, Mexican standoff’s, drop balls, switching, rucking, wrapping – it’s all going to happen. Are you as excited as we are?

To get involved email [email protected]