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Fugitives on the lam(b) thwarted by flock of sheep

Four fugitives were on the run in New Zealand and were probably confident of getting away, but the police were helped by a handily placed flock of sheep, who blocked the road and brought the chase to an end.



The car, carrying three men and a woman, were stopped by police as the car didn’t have license plates, but they sped away from the cops. A chase ensued for the next 90 minutes, but police were unable to stop the car.

Fortunately, the sheep, amusingly owned by a police officer, came to their rescue as they were being moved from one piece of grazing land to another, thus blocking the road.

Senior Sergeant Paula Enoka, of Queenstown Police, was not as amused by the caper, and told the New Zealand Herald: “The driving behaviour of those involved was reckless and considerably dangerous providing there were four people in the vehicle.

“Not only did they place themselves in danger by continuing to flee police, but they put a large number of other motorists in danger on the roads due to the distance that they travelled.”

As noted in the Herald: “Two males, aged 19 and 23, have been charged with reckless driving, failing to stop for flashing lights, three thefts in relation to petrol drive-offs, and unlawfully taking a motor vehicle.

“A male and a female, both aged 14, have been charged with three thefts in relation to petrol drive-offs and unlawfully taking a motor vehicle.”

Photo: James Allen