Five outrageous travel fails

Very few holidays ever go completely smoothly, but sometimes things can go very badly wrong!



1) A British couple accidentally booked a flight from London, in the United Kingdom, to Sydney, in Canada, rather than the slightly larger Sydney in Australia. After a very confusing flight on a small 25-seater plane, the couple arrived at the small former-mining town, before realising they may have made a mistake. Needless to say, they didn’t quite get the holiday they were expecting.

2) In 2013, a teenager went out clubbing in Manchester, England and woke up the next morning in Paris, France. After a heavy night out and having taken his passport for identification, Luke Harding decided in his drunken wisdom to visit the Eiffel tower, waking up after a redeye flight in the toilets at Charles De Gaulle Airport. That’s definitely one unusual hangover.

3) An Australian traveller visiting Africa fell afoul of tribal rules when he was gifted a goat by a local tribe he was visiting. In fear of offending the tribe, the man, with goat in tow, headed to the nearest large town where his accommodation was located.

After a confusing exchange with the proprietor who thought the man wanted accommodation for the goat (or perhaps he and the goat were hitched), he finally realised what had happened and the situation was quickly resolved. Luckily, the man wasn’t on his way to catch a plane as this could have led to an interesting situation at Customs.

4) An Irishman who decided to film his entire visit to Las Vegas using his son’s GoPro didn’t quite get the result he expected. After videoing his adventures, he realised upon review that the camera had been filming the wrong way and instead of clips of Las Vegas he was left with some slightly less interesting footage of his face.

5) After travelling from Belgian, a group of football fans ended up 200 miles away from Wales, the destination they were aiming for – unfortunately ending up in rural England instead of Cardiff, the capital city of Wales.

… and a moment of genius for good measure. After Adam Armstrong found out that his girlfriend’s stepfather had booked him a flight under the wrong name, he decided to take the matter into this own hands. Instead of paying a large fee for amending his surname, he instead legally changed his surname via deed poll to avoid the admin fee.

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