Five Kiwi snacks that we wish were on UK shelves

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Five Kiwi snacks that we wish were on UK shelves

When the craving for kiwi food hits, what’s the snack you miss the most? We take a look at some chips and lollies we wish were stocked at the nearest dairy.


In your first year as an expat, it’s really exciting when you find out there’s a store that sells Kiwi snacks:


But then you take a look at their prices.


Which means you only buy them in the slumps of homesickness when you’re really desperate.


Wouldn’t it be marvelous if Brits shared the same love for all snacks Kiwi? And if you could only choose to import five snacks, which would it be? Here’s a list of our favourites.

Firstly, a moment of silence for Snifters.


Right, where were we?

Whittaker’s Peanut Slab

snackpopup-PeanutSlab2Close as it comes, Cadbury’s just doesn’t cut it. Plus, they don’t make a peanut slab. And life without a peanut slab gets rather grim at times, which often leads to a binge at an expat shop.

This is not good for your travel budget.

Bills gif


Cheezels, Burger Rings and BigUns

snackpopup-CheezelsAh Bluebird, if only  you flew North for the winter.

Ever found your self halfway through a bag of these back home without quite knowing why? It may be 3 am, or you might be at a kid’s party, or simply got lost in the chip aisle.


Pineapple Lumps

20142Whether it’s the chocolate wrapped chewyness or the childhood nostalgia, the taste of Pineapple Lumps is kiwi-as. The UK imports South African diamonds, so why can’t they show Pineapple Lumps the same love?




This is a treat Maltesers just can’t replicate. Think you can hit the spot with a bag of Smarties? Think again.



Buzz Bars and Chocolate fish



Being constantly denied chocolate and marshmallow heaven just feels like punishment.


Especially because it’s embedded in every Kiwi’s psyche as an expected reward for having done a good job.



While technically not a chip or lolly, L&P is the perfect accompaniment to kiwi snack food. With London’s lemonades and rock shandies fulfilling a different need altogether, wouldn’t we all be a happier bunch if L&P were on Tesco’s shelves?