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Family’s grief over F-bomb cover-up

The Palmerston North town council has caused a grieving family even more upset after they covered a gravestone at the Kelvin Grove cemetery as it contained a swear word that other mourners complained about.



The F-word was part of a song lyric the family of Vincent Drummond-Paulo chose to inscribe on the stone, along with his gaming tag of Reaper91. The headstone was put up this past August, in memory of what would have been Drummond-Paulo’s 20th birthday.

When the family, many of whom who live in Australia, found out about the decision to cover the headstone, they were shocked, as nothing had been said when the stone had been put up in August.

Raymond Paulo, father of the deceased, said on stuff.co.nz: “Vincent took his own life so we have unanswered questions. I have two other sons which are hurting.

“He leaves behind a daughter who is just two years old. It’s brought down our whole family. And then to have the council throw that at you.

“It was the way it was done, no contact and I am still waiting on a reply.

“There were no questions from the headstone people and then it went through to Palmerston (North) City Council for them to view it and decide whether it was acceptable or not.”

The complaint about the wording came from the family of the person facing Drummond-Paulo’s headstone.

City council parks and property manager John Brenkley said he was trying to resolve the matter with both families: “We apologise for any distress.

“We are talking with both families to resolve the issue.

“The details are still being worked through but, if any changes are made to the inscription, they will be done at council expense.”