Expats, head to Dublin for big cash but Birmingham for opportunity

There is no surprise really, but worth mentioning that New Zealand and England haven’t featured in a recent list of countries where expats earn the highest salaries.


India’s Mumbai tops the rankings, with three other Asian cities placed in the top 10. Shanghai, Jakarta and Hong Kong are the others.

“Mumbai has the highest percentage of expats sent by their employer – these expats often benefit from relocation packages which goes some way in explaining the higher salaries expats enjoy in the city,” Bloomberg quoted HSBC Expat head Dean Blackburn.

However, in terms of job opportunities, Mumbai and others ranked significantly lower than London, Birmingham, San Francisco and New York.

“The financial and technology hubs of the U.S. and U.K. are the most attractive for ambitious expats eager to push their career to the next level,” added Blackburn.

The survey was completed by almost 28,000 expats from over 150 countries and territories.

Highest paid:

1. San Fransico
2. Zurich
3. Shanghai
4. Geneva
5. New York
6. Los Angeles
7. Jakarta
8. Hong Kong
9. Paris
10. London
11. Dublin
12. Berlin
13. Prague
14. Birmingham

Best opportunities:

1. San Francisco
2. London
3. New York
4. Dublin
5. Birmingham