Ex-Kiwi PM takes swipe at ‘undignified’ Aussie politicians

Former New Zealand prime minister John Key has implored Australian politicians to hush every now and then.



Key resigned about six months ago after two terms – and was replaced by Bill English.

He says he offers advice to English when asked, but otherwise not – and recommends other former politicians adopt as similar approach.

“You see a bit of it in Australia – people that just feel as though they have got to constantly be commentating, and I just don’t think I’ll do that. I just don’t think it’s very dignified,” he said.

“It’s really like you need to get over yourself if you do that, I think you’ve got to let people get on and do their jobs.”

Key’s remarks might have come in solidarity with Aussie prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. The pair evidently get on well, but the same can’t really be said about former party leaders Tony Abbott, Mark Latham and Kevin Rudd. The latter has been in the news of late, after openly criticising Turnbull’s plan to sanction some asylum seekers from entering Australia.

“I have kept silent on domestic policy debates for the past three years. But this one sinks to new lows,” Rudd wrote in a Fairfax opinion column.