‘Endless nightmare’ for British man threatened with deportation from New Zealand

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‘Endless nightmare’ for British man threatened with deportation from New Zealand

The New Zealand government might deport a British man whose step-daughter was murdered in the country.


Having left the United Kingdom at the age of four in 1962, Mark Middleton has lived in New Zealand for over five decades.

In 1989, his step-daughter Karla Cardno, who was 13 at the time, was kidnapped, raped, tortured and killed by Paul Dally.

Dally was jailed for life and remains in prison.

Middleton was convicted of threatening to “crucify” Dally in 2001. He has threatened to kill Dally on several occasions – and once told Wanganui police: “I want his life from him and that means you either keep him in for life or I’ll take his life.”

A psychiatrist has testified that Middleton is suffering from chronic hypertrophic grief.

Immigration New Zealand reportedly sent Middleton a letter in 1987, “advising him that he needed to regularise his immigration status.”

He has allegedly been living in the country unlawfully, after returning from a holiday to Fiji in 1986 on a visitor visa.

He has insisted he never received the letter.

“He came to the attention of INZ last year as his identity was on a pool of unlawful historical clients who could be living in the Wellington area,” said Immigration New Zealand assistant general manager Peter Devoy in a statement.

“INZ prioritises cases for deportation, with those engaged in criminality or who otherwise pose a risk to the integrity of New Zealand’s immigration system being the highest priority cases for deportation.”

Middleton told Newshub: “You are basically looking at the complete destruction of my family, the whole thing with Karla was bad enough but this is just going to add to the destruction of my family.

“It just goes on and on and on, it’s the endless nightmare isn’t it, it’s the endless nightmare.”



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