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Eight super easy updates for your little one’s room

Looking to give your little one a one-of-a-kind kid space?  


Try out these ideas to give your kid a special and a personalized place to call their own; to host little tea parties and do their homework.

Add A Few Timeless Pieces

Opt out for a few antiques paired with some homemade fabrics instead of bringing in some ready-to-assemble furniture meant for kids. Family heirlooms will make great companions for the child as she or he grows up. If you think your wooden antique is too “antiquey”, sand paper over the surfaces and give it a little spray paint makeover. You can try out a similar paint treatment for metallic jewellery boxes.

Cosy up the Little One’s Space

Add a few comfortable seating options for your little one’s room. You can bring in a few beanbags for toddlers and place them around the play area. A few extra might come in handy for when your kid has play dates. Place the beanbags and arrange the play area closer to a window to evoke the sense of relaxation.

Handmade Touches to Cherish a Lifetime

If you are serious DIYer, this is a chance to explore your potential. Look up for some interesting DIY crib mobiles or wind chime ideas online and start with the project over a weekend. You can mix and match with the colours of the nursery or the room. Let you creative ideas flow!

Let Kids Take over the Makeover

Allow your kid to pitch in some ideas. Especially about colours and any other tips on furniture. You can involve your little one in the DIY projects that you make for their new room. This will evoke a sense of belonging in your kid, especially if you are making your child sleep on his own for the first time.

Pick Up the Paint Brush

Create some high impact and super low cost art for the room. Involve your child in the artwork. Do your research online to inspire yourself and make sure you match with the tones of the interiors. Do not resort to dark colours. Add some vibrancy and life to the room with some eye-catching colours. You can hang the artwork above a bed or some other place to your kid’s liking.

Kids Need Workspaces Too!

Getting your kids to do their homework shouldn’t be such a hectic chore if their workstation is organized and interesting. Add a few floating shelves to keep the books and other stationery. You can DIY a few pencil holders, book ends and a few book shelves as well. Don’t forget to invite your little one to join you!

Give the Room a Whimsical Touch

Is your little one into superheroes? Flowers, unicorns and Barbie movies? Have a few of their favourite cartoon and movie characters printed on oversized vinyl peel-and-stick wall decals and paste them on the walls. The selling point is that they don’t damage the painting and you can peel them off when your child outgrows them.

Start the Little Ones Out Organized

Create a tidy closet with shelf space and labelled bins and hampers. Teach the junior to keep the clothes sorted according a plan. Sort the clothes by size, purpose and seasons.