Drop-off and sudden-death time in O2Touch leagues

Drop-off and sudden-death time in O2Touch leagues

O2Touch is reaching its final two weeks of the summer season – and that can only mean… FINALS!



The next two weeks, all across London, the O2Touch leagues will see semi-finals and finals being played. The top teams in each competitive and social division will go head-to-head for victory.

Many of the teams, who have now played touch for the better part of the summer, have committed themselves to turning up each week – whether it be in pure sunshine, rain or even during the Tube strike. They have all made their best effort to make sure their team has the best possible chance of taking home the Winners Trophy.

Regent’s Park will play host to the first round of finals. Monday will see the men’s division finalists kick it off, when Construct Recruitment Men’s take on Doggies in Division 1 – and Monday sees Individuals play Meinhardt in the Division 2 final. With four social mixed divisions on a Monday, there will be plenty of action, tries and celebrations when the finals whistles are blown and the winners are announced.

Remember, that just like any other team sport, when the game is tied touch too goes into what is called a drop-off (sudden death). This is one time when players would rather be on the sideline, watching the game, rather than playing in a drop-off. It is exciting, fast and when that one touch down is scored the winning team always goes crazy.

A drop-off starts off with five players from each team on the field, and every two minutes one player is dropped from each team, until each team has only three players left on the field. In the case of a mixed game, a certain number of women have always got to be on the field. One team will start and, should they score within their six touches, their opposition has the right of reply. If the opposition fail to score, the game is over once their six touches have been used. Should the team starting not score within the first six touches from starting the drop-off, the team that scores first wins.

Not only will all the finals be played in Regent’s Park from Monday through to Thursday, but also all the other O2Touch leagues will play host to plenty of semi-final games. Why not take advantage of the last few weeks of the summer and get out to your local park to enjoy seeing men, women and even the odd child playing touch? It’s a great game to play, watch and even ref – and our dedicated venue managers will be on hand should you have any questions about the game and how to get involved.

Feel you have missed out? Well, fear not as there are many more late summer and autumn leagues being run in Regent’s Park and Clapham Common. There is even an indoor touch league, should you not wish to brave the weather as it starts to cool in the coming months. Have a look at our annual In2Touch calendar of events and see how you can continue to play touch throughout the year.