Don’t mess with Lorde or her BFF, Taylor Swift

There’s nothing like the wrath of Lorde. Even the Haka Dance seems like waltz compared to Lorde’s temperament… Good on you, girl


Whatever the girl equivalent of “bromance” might be, Taylor Swift and Lorde seem to be the epitome of just that. And they will fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this love.

When US DJ and music producer Diplo took to Twitter earlier this week to insult Taylor Swift’s not-so-voluptuous figure, Lorde stepped in within seconds to save Swift from ridicule, rather ‘royally’ turning the joke on Diplo.

Lorde’s tweet went around the world, with fans of both singers retweeting her quote over 16,000 times. Taylor Swift has largely kept herself out of the feud, while busying herself with being, you know, the fabulous Taylor Swift. Her booty refused to comment.



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