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Destinations you would never have thought of for your holiday this year

Spain, Turkey, the Canaries or Greece: are you fed up of your regular holiday haunts? Why not consider some great destinations that you’ve never looked into before?


You can book all-inclusive or package holidays from a name you can trust for peace of mind. Cosmos Holidays for example are offering the following destinations:


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As India’s richest province on the west Coast, Goa has a completely different appearance to the rest of India. It was previously under Portuguese rule for 451 years, making it seem more like a separate country to the rest of the country. This is a place which is famous for its beaches, so visit Goa to get the best of a stunning beach break combined with experiencing the richest Indian culture and heritage. There are also two world heritage sites, museums to explore and exotic wildlife which will all make for great holiday snaps.


Take a break from the beach to go into the wild; if you choose to visit Kenya this year you can do just that. Stay on the palm-tree lined coast to enjoy stunning beaches and exhilarating watersports, and then take a trip inland for an unforgettable safari tour. With welcoming locals, traditional markets and culture, Kenya is a genuine African gem and one of the more underrated African countries to visit.


Although widely believed, there’s much more to Florida than Disneyland and retirement villages. This is a playground for families and is a tourist destination in its own right. Not only does Florida boast endless theme parks and golf courses, but it is also home to plenty of natural attractions as well. There are great beaches, scuba diving and fishing in Key West in the Florida Keys. Or you can explore the cosmopolitan half-Latin city of Miami. And of course, take a hovercraft trip down to the everglades –the famous plains full of deadly alligators.


Nachos and tequila are just the beginning of a holiday to Mexico. A mixture of tropical beaches and jungles in the Caribbean, this is a popular honeymoon destination, and makes an exotic and exciting holiday whatever time of year you visit. The backdrop of Latin culture enriches its beautiful beaches and the mixture of modern and ancient life is entwined, giving a fascinating cultural experience. From the capital, Cancun, see the swanky hotels and luxurious beaches, then visit the ancient Mayan Ruins for a real piece of history and contrast to your city environs.



For an alternative Caribbean experience you can visit the island of Tobago, neighbouring Trinidad (Combined to officially form the republic of Trinidad and Tobago), to see the fabulous rainforests, coral reefs and incredible natural beauty. Go swimming in jungle waterfalls and experience the exotic wildlife.  As expected of anywhere in the Caribbean, remember to pack your shades and sun cream as the weather out there is exquisite all year round.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your trip!