Daddy blues relatively prevelant in New Zealand

A new study of 3,500 New Zealand men has revealed that not just mothers, but fathers too, are affected by pre- and post-natal depression.



Researchers at the University of Auckland found that more than two percent of dads experienced depression during their partners’ pregnancy – and the percentage almost doubled nine months after the birth of the child.

“As in many other countries, New Zealand women are assessed for postnatal depression following childbirth,” the New Zealand Herald quoted Growing Up In New Zealand study author Lisa Underwood as saying.

“There is no routine screening of women during pregnancy and none for fathers before or after the birth of their children, since they are not usually engaged in routine perinatal care.

“In the present study of fathers, self-reported poor health and self-perceived stress during the pregnancy were consistently linked to paternal depression during the pregnancy.

The findings were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Psychiatry.