Coming of Age: The Funniest Age Restrictions in the World

We all know that some activities are available to people of certain age. Voting, drinking, smoking, getting marries, and gambling falls into these categories – and they should, especially when it comes to gambling.



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With your new All Jackpots Casino account, you’ll gain access to over 130 mobile games, and several times more if you use a PC. The All Jackpots Casino will ask you about your age – it doesn’t accept you as a player if you’re not at least 18.

And they shouldn’t – the games of chance you can play at the All Jackpots Online Casino if played recklessly, can lead to losing money, which is not funny. Especially if you’re a kid.

Only allowing people of legal age to smoke, to drink, to drive, to vote, and to gamble is a logical decision. Something that can’t be said about some of the age restrictions below.

Age limits on pinball machines (South Carolina, US)

Pinball machines were the pub entertainment of choice before arcade games became a thing. They are games that require a lot of attention and skill, and playing them right is almost a form of art.

As a kid, I loved keeping the ball on the playfield for as long as I could, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Would I have grown up in the US state South Carolina, I couldn’t have done the same.

South Carolina laws prohibit people under the age of 18 to play pinball. The game that was deemed innocent enough by Microsoft to be included in several versions of Windows (Space Cadet anyone?) is restricted to youngsters aged 18 or above in this American state. I tried to think of an explanation, but I couldn’t find any. Can you?

Minors can’t buy lighters Marcelline, Missouri (US)

Marcelline is a small town in the state of Missouri, with a population of only about 2,200 people – and one of the stupidest age restrictions ever. According to various sources, the local minors are restricted from purchasing lighters.

This would be a logical restriction, considering how dangerous a lighter can be in the hands of a child… but at the same time, the same children are free to buy tobacco and rolling paper at the local stores.

When things get serious

As a child, I’m sure you told your best friend of the opposite sex that one day you’ll marry him/her. With age, these “mock” proposals can become more serious, but in South Carolina, they might become a legal matter.

The state laws prohibit playfully promising marriage if you are 16 or above. If you tell your crush that you’ll marry him/her someday, you’d better mean it!