Clapham Common September shootout leagues keep things hot

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Clapham Common September shootout leagues keep things hot

As the days get shorter and the cool weather kicks in for winter we managed to get some glorious sunny weather for our September Shootout Leagues at Clapham Common.


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These were a 4 week league where teams played 2 x 20 minute games against different opponents and in the final week the teams get to play a drop off format where they play lots of mini drop offs in the 20 minute final.

The Tuesday Shootout teams were very eager to get straight into playing after the Summer Seasons ended and loved the social aspect of the Shootout format of touch. There were plenty of ups and downs as well as lots of fantastic touchdowns scored to get teams into the finals week. In the end the Division 1 Final was played between CSSC Ewoks and The Stones which was a very exciting close final. With 1 touchdown more CSSC Ewoks went on to win 5 – 4. In Division 2 Exiles took on The Renegades in another close encounter with both teams playing with 3 players in this drop off for most of the game. The Exiles pushed through the lack of subs to take the edge on The Renegades winning 2 – 1.

The Wednesday Shootout teams were also keen to get some more touch in before the winter months began. The teams in the Wednesday league brought some fierce touch skills to game with perfect finesse and team spirit, which made for a super fun competition. The finals evening ended on a high, with exciting games and some unexpected score lines! Razzle Dazzle had a great night, but Hot Custard (one of the favourites for top place) failed to make the final, but did make their mark on the Individuals with a decent 7 – 1 beating. Baa Baas and The Invisible Man & Mythical Moose’s both got good wins and walked away with medals, both coming runners up to the unstoppable Afghanistan National Team. People say two trophies is just greedy, but what do they know?!

The September Shootout was a fantastic short 4 week season and we hope all the teams enjoyed themselves and the league!

There is the Autumn Sunday League that still has place for individuals to sign up and there are also the upcoming Active Touch indoor Leagues starting in November as well as another Clapham Common Sunday league to keep you touchies involved until the end of the year.

So if you are interested in joining any of these leagues then please do send an email to [email protected] or you can have a look on our website for more information,