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Car care and servicing tips

Getting your first car is always a big deal, whether it’s bought with your own money or it’s gifted, therefore, we need to make sure to take good care of it, but as a first time owner of a car, you may not be sure of the details of what actually needs to be taken care.



Here is a more detailed article for not only first-time care owners but also owners who have owned multiple cars through the years and still has not figured out the importance of car care.

The life of your care solely depends on the way you maintain it, here are a few tips on what you need to do in order increase your car’s life expectancy.

Motor Oil

Motor oil also known as engine oil is a lubricant used in internal combustion engines, which can be used to power many machines such as motorcycles, engine-generators and in this case power cars. Motor oil is used because cars have many parts that constantly move, which results in each component rubbing against each other; this leads to the force of friction caused to create heat. This is where the oil comes in, the oil helps lubricate the engine and absorb the heat, allowing all the parts of the engine to move together without overheating.

Transmission Fluid

One of the top reasons for cars breaking down is leakage of transmission fluid, therefore it is necessary you regularly check up on it, and no matter what part of the country you are in there is always a place to help you identify where the issue is occurring from; be it automatic transmission diagnostics Brisbane or Melbourne.

Cooling System

It is recommended to have the coolant flushed at least once a year. A coolant flush, which is also referred to as a cooling system service, is a fairly inexpensive step taken to get rid of any sediment or rust. Your cooling system has something called antifreeze; its job is to raise the boiling point of the engine coolant to prevent overheating. What a coolant flush does is, it pushes 3 to 5 gallons of antifreeze through the system, which will flush out the old antifreeze.

There are many advantages that come with going through a coolant flush, these include, lubrication of the water pump, it protects against rust and foam, as well as removes rust and scale deposit. Going for a coolant flush is important as all these components can build up in the system and cause overheating.


This is obvious and needs to be done regularly, even if the car does not look like it needs it. Not only taking care of the outside of the vehicle is important but taking care of the inside of your car is equally important and by the inside of the car, I mean the interior as well as the engine. Keeping the outside of your car clean will preserve the paint for longer. Keeping the engine clean will prevent many costly repairs and keeping the interior clean will allow you to maintain a healthy environment in the car.

If you carefully read the above, you will understand how important it is to maintain your car. If you have read the above and still have not found it important to maintain your car, then do it for the sake of making yourself proud; this is an important reason to keep your car clean as it is scientifically proven that the way you treat your car says a lot about you, therefore take pride in your vehicle.



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