Britain loves New Zealand wines

New Zealanders can be proud: slowly but surely we’re taking over the British market, one Sauvignon at a time


According to the latest sales figures, NZ is now the second most popular wine country for premium wines in the UK. With 18 percent of all premium wine sales coming from New Zealand we are only behind the French – who may well deserve the lead, as they’ve been dealing with grapes for centuries.

However, NZ wines enjoyed 31 percent growth in market share in the premium wine sector last year while French wines only managed to grow at 11 percent, hinting at a rather promising outlook in the future. Close behind New Zealand our Australian rivals and their Chardonnays follow 16.7 percent.

Premium wines are defined in the UK as those that sell at a recommended price tag of more than £7. However, most wines in the UK tend to sell for under that price.

Producing less than 1 percent of the world’s wine, New Zealand wine exports amounted to $1.33 billion in worldwide sales last year. This is a new record for the country, which used to be equated in its agriculture with the sale of kiwis. But despite the favourable report, winemakers in New Zealand still say that profit margins are very narrow on account of the high shipping costs.