Breakthrough in Aussie woodchipper death

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Breakthrough in Aussie woodchipper death

Wide Bay police have arrested three people in connection with the gruesome murder of a 54-year-old man in rural Queensland last November.


In what could turn out to be an extraordinary tale of brutality, police believe they are now in a position to prove that Bruce Saunders was deliberately fed through a woodchipper on a Goomboorian farm.

It had previously been thought that his death was the result of an accident. However, further investigations are pointing to what could be a love triangle that went horribly wrong.

“Police attended the scene and were informed that at about 7.40pm that night the deceased, Mr Bruce Saunders, had fallen in accidentally to the woodchipper, so it was investigated as an accident to start with,” Wide Bay Police District Detective, Inspector Gary Pettiford, told The Australian.

“In the days following, information came to hand that it may be suspicious. After many, many months of very professional, painstaking and thorough work it’s culminated today with the arrest of the three off that we will be alleging murdered Mr Saunders.”

A 59- and 61-year-old man have been arrested, while a 57-year-old woman is also set to be charged with murder.



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