Black Power founding president passes away

The founding president of the Black Power gang, Reitu Harris, has passed away.



Harris establish the gang to help  Maori boys who had been in state care – and were disconnected from their marae and iwi in the 1907s.

A decade later, he fashioned employment for people living in the city through crucial political relationships with Rob Muldoon and Matiu Rata.

“He tried to give young people a notion of recovering their sense of Maoridom. To an extent, his life’s work has been done. In the 1970s a lot of those young people didn’t know their marae or their hapu or their iwi and if you ask this generation now, they do,” Radio NZ quoted Black Power life member and Denis O’Reilly as saying.

The Wellington chapter of Black Power carried Harris’ body to the steps of Parliament earlier this week – and performed a Haka in his honour – and betamerica promo code.

“He created a safe environment for us to live in and demonstrate that regardless of stature you could actually make a difference and he helped demonstrate leadership among people who struggled to find or receive leadership,” added Black Power Wellington’s Eugene Ryder.