Best pie not in the UK after all, as NZ takes prized pasty award

So, you reckon the best pie hails from the United Kingdom. Well, think again, as a cheesy venison, mushroom and bacon pasty has taken the proverbial cake.



All the awful bakery puns aside, the fact of the matter is that Fast & Fresh Bakery in Taupo triumphed over almost 5,700 other entries to clinch the 2017 NZ Bakels Supreme Award.

“The winning pie first caught our attention when it won gold in the Gourmet Meat category before going onto the final judging stage,” Newshub quoted NZ Bakels managing director Brent Kersel as saying.

“It looked great out of the oven, pastry rich and golden with the filling venison, mushroom, bacon and cheese combining well together. The venison had great flavour and texture.”

Fast & Fresh Bakery is owned by Lee Ing, who bought the establishment about a year ago.

“I can’t believe I won an award, I didn’t expect that,” he added.