Being an expat is all worth it in the end. This video shows you why, and might just make you cry

This video perfectly captures the beautiful adventures and important challenges that come when one leaves home. Listen to expats share their opinions about what happened when they stopped saying, “what if…”


“It’s true the grass isn’t always greener, just a different shade of green.”

Packing up and moving away from all you’ve ever known is difficult. Every day brings challenges, adventures and drains you of a different emotion. But there are moments of beauty, so brief they are often overlooked. Without realising, you become a citizen of the world, viewing life from a different angle.


This is exactly what this video captures. It asks expats why they decided to move abroad, what they have learned and what they’d say to others about to take the leap. Watch closely, as the video is created from still images which are animated using 3D visual effects.

The viewer’s perspective of the image changes in the exact same way that the expat’s perspective on the world changes.