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Aussie blogger arrested while trying to seek political asylum in New Zealand

A blogger from Australia, who was previously jailed for a racial attack, has been arrested while trying to seek political asylum in New Zealand.


According to Immigration New Zealand, Brendon O’Connell, was detained at the border.

“This individual had his entry permission to New Zealand revoked on character grounds and is now in custody,” a spokesperson for the service said.

O’Connell is an outspoken critic of Israel and what he terms “Zionist power”.

In 2011, O’Connell, 46, received a three-year jail term in Australia after being found guilty of six charges of racial hatred.

The charges relate to him posting a verbal altercation between himself and two men, Stanley Keyser and Timothy Peach, who are Jewish.

An altercation between the three broke out at an IGA supermarket in South Perth, Australia, in 2009, where a Friends of Palestine group were protesting against Israeli oranges.

O’Connell was recording the event with a video camera and later posted the video online. In the post, he called Keyser a “racist, homicidal maniac”.

The judge who sentenced O’Connell, noted that he had shown no remorse and called his behaviour “that of a bully”.

The Corrections Department has declined to comment and it is not known where O’Connell is being held.



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