Auckland businessman lists NZ$75,000 house for free

An Auckland housing developer is giving away one of his properties, free of charge, to a New Zealand family in need.



But there is a catch – the family will have to find somewhere to put the three-bedroom house.

Businessman Dave Rennie has listed the property with a zero-dollar price tag, but has reportely stated the buyers must move it to their own plot of land.

“It seemed like a waste and it was a shame for it not to be utilised. It might be a good starting point for somebody,” Rennie told Newshub.

He owns 16 houses, but this one stands on land that is due to be developed.

The house has a value of about NZ$75,000-100,000 ($52,000-69,000; £42,000-56,000). The relocation could cost up to $24,000.