All-encompassing ‘University of New Zealand’ mooted

Former Massey University chancellor Russ Ballard has suggested the formation of a single University of New Zealand.


Massey’s recommendation comes across amid financial concerns for each of the country’s eight universities.

The country’s eight universities are at risk of a financial shock and should consider forming a single University of New Zealand, says .

“Their ability to cut further back without some assistance or additional funding from the Crown is getting pretty limited now, so they’re very susceptible to a shock which would come either from international students or declining domestic enrolments,” doctor Ballard told Nine To Noon.

“Having a model with eight separate universities all requiring their own institutional arrangements and administrative costs is not a very effective way for a small economy like New Zealand.

“Decisions about what would be centralised and what would be not centralised would not be driven by government but would be driven by a council, which would be the council of the University of New Zealand.”

Ballard singled out the University of Auckland for being big enough to stand on its own on an international basis, but could subsume AUT or Massey University’s Albany campus.

“That needs to be looked at with a view to the future about how do you best position New Zealand universities to exist in the sort of environment which we’re likely to be facing in the next 15, 20 years,” he concluded.