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Be adventurous for once and discover Turkey’s hidden treasures

Even though Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, many of its greatest attractions never get seem because they are off the beaten path.


EVEN though Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, many of its greatest attractions never get seem because they are off the beaten path. These are often the best places to go, because they are relatively undisturbed and you will never be crowded while you are exploring the areas. When I go take a holiday in Turkey, I want to spend a relaxing and fun time with my family. That’s why these places are so enjoyable. The bazaars and markets are great, but there are plenty of things all over Turkey that can keep everyone in the whole family entertained to have an unforgettable holiday. These places are relatively affordable as well, since they aren’t part of the tourist trap. The following are some of the best hidden treasures that Turkey has to offer.

Butterfly Valley, Turkey

Butterfly Valley is a Mediterranean paradise that is not overpopulated with tourists, since it is a bit off of the beaten path. The Valley offers a stunning waterfall, soft sandy beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters, and picturesque views that are unforgettable. The area is easily accessible, but it remains tourist free for the most part. It has a pristine beauty that I have yet to find anywhere else in Turkey. Both adventurers and people that are seeking a relaxing experience will enjoy the pure beauty that Butterfly Valley has to offer. It is a hidden gem that is perfect for a romantic getaway. I love bringing my family here as well, because there are plenty of activities to stay occupied, and it is way more rejuvenating than being at well-known tourist attractions that are overcrowded and noisy.

Experience the Culture of Amasya Turkey

Pontic Tombs above Amasya, Turkey

When I visit Turkey, I am always enthralled by the rich cultural heritage that can be seen in rural Turkey cities such as Amasya. Amasya has traditional Ottoman houses, breathtaking architecture, and old relics of days gone by. The city is surrounded by massive rock cliffs, and it is home to the ancient tombs of the Pontius kings. The tombs have been carved into the rocks, and they are absolutely magnificent to look at during the night time hours when they are fully illuminated. One of the finest archaeological museums is located in Amasya. One of the things that I find the most fascinating about visiting the museum is viewing the ancient local mummies that are on display. Everyone should visit Amasya and the museum if they are fortunate enough to visit Turkey try booking with Direct Line who have many flights a day & lots of good cheap late deals to Turkey and are well recomended..

The Taurus Mountains

Taurus Mountains, Near Gombe, Turkey

The Taurus Mountains are never left out of my itinerary when I have a holiday in Turkey. They are located right in the heart of the Mediterranean region of Turkey. The view of the mountains is absolutely amazing. The rugged limestone, underground rivers, cascading waterfalls, and large caves that it offers are more captivating than any tourist attraction that Turkey has to offer. What makes the mountains so special is the fact that they are untouched by the tourist industry. They are a hidden wonder that most tourists don’t even know about. Nature lovers at heart will be fascinated with the majestic views, fauna and flora, flowers, and birds that are located in the mountains. The location is truly a gem that can’t be missed.

The Anatolian Civilizations Museum

Anatolian Civilizations Museum - Ankara, Turkey

The Anatolian Civilizations Museum is one of the most enjoyable venues in Turkey. I am a huge history enthusiast, and the museum houses some of the oldest artefacts in the world. It is located in Ankara, and it is never crowded, since tourists don’t frequent Ankara as much as they do other parts of Turkey. The museum exhibits artefacts as old as 3,000 years, and it includes unique collections from Neolithic, Palaeolithic, Roman, and other notable time periods in history. It is a great place to enjoy with the whole family.

Visit the Sultanahmet District

Sultanahmet Mosque

The Sultanahmet District is located in the old part of Istanbul. There are tons of great attractions in this district, including the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace. I enjoy the Sultanahmet district so much, because there are things to do that my whole family will enjoy. After we tour the palaces and mosques, we can shop at the markets or boutiques that line the streets, or we can have dinner at one of the many eateries that are nearby. There are great accommodations in the district as well, so the area offers everything that is needed to have a great holiday experience.

The Bulak Caves in Safranbolu

Bulak Mendicis Cave [Safranbolu]

The Bulak Caves span three floors, and they are 6,042 meters in length. The caves are quite fascinating by anyone’s standards. When I began to tour the caves, I was met with cool air upon entering. As I made my way through to the main gallery, I was captivated by the magnificent colours of the underground river, the waterfall, and the two lakes that are hidden underground. The caves are quite stunning, and I love visiting because there are never a lot of people around. Safranbolu is not a thriving tourist destination in Turkey, so it is fun to experience everything that it has to offer without be overcrowded or hurried through the process.

Rural Beaches in Turkey

Most beaches in Turkey are crowded during July and August in the height of the tourist season, but I still manage to have a relaxing tropical holiday with my family by visiting many of the rural beaches that Turkey has to offer, instead of going to the beaches that are overcrowded by tourists. I find that the best time to go is between May and October. The water temperatures are just right during these times, and there are many activities going on that provide plenty of entertainment and fun. Gemile Bay Beach in Fethiye is one of my favourites. It is unspoiled by tourists, and it offers a clear view of St. Nicholas Island. After having a day of swimming and fun, my family and I take a boat to the island to see the historical ruins. Turtle Beach is another rural beach that I love to visit. It is actually a sandbar that is located on the Dalyan Delta. It is a national conservation area, because it is home to the loggerhead Cretta Sea Turtle. Turtle Beach is one of the few places in Europe that is protected for the turtles to breed. The beach has shallow water, hot brown sands, and picturesque surroundings. After swimming and fun on the beach, I can go to the café that is located nearby to have a meal. Turtle Beach is one of the most peaceful and relaxing beaches in all of Turkey.

Getting Further Information

When I go to Turkey on a holiday, I typically make my travel arrangements through an agency. If you want to make your own arrangements, then there are a couple of websites that can be quite useful in providing airline information and other important information that travellers will need to know and the official Tourist Board of Turkey can be accessed at www.goturkey.com