A concise map of every Game of Thrones location in real life [infographic]

Game of Thrones would not be the blockbuster hit that it is without the dramatic scenery. Here’s a quick peek at the real-life settings of the Seven Kingdoms.


It’s hard to believe that the lands of ice and fire in fantasy drama Game of Thrones are filmed across Northern Ireland, Malta, Croatia, Morocco and Iceland.

Like, for example, the limestone Azure Window in Gozo, Malta is the backdrop for Daenerys and Khal Drogo’s wedding in season one.

  And the Minceta tower, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Dubrovnik, is the real-life setting of The House of The Undying.  

Tour company, Lawrence of Morocco, put together a map of every real life location used throughout the filming of the series to inspire travellers to take their own Game of Thrones tour.



Originally published on TheSouthAfrican.com