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A cat burglar with four paws

A real cat burglar is on the loose in Lower Hutt.


Cat burglar

A REAL cat burglar is on the loose in Lower Hutt.

Haku, owned by author Sally McLennan, is causing chaos in the neighbourhood, regularly bringing home laundry nicked from residents in the area.

Haku, a former stray, is stealing up to 14 items a night.

”I’m having a bit of trouble tracking all the owners down,” McLennan told Fairfax NZ.

The nocturnal activity didn’t begin until about two months ago when McLennan was away.

”He almost immediately began stealing clothing and making nests out in the bush, my neighbours tell me.”

”But now I’m home he’s piling them in mounds at the bedroom door.”

He has been seen by neighbours entering homes and raiding drying racks, and is fond of pegs as well as clothes.

”In the two months that he’s been doing it, I would say that he’s pinched 50 pieces easily.

”Initially I think it was for comfort, while I was away, but now he just seem to want to tell me how much he loves me,” she says.

While the cat steals a range of items, he seems particularly keen on wool and children’s clothing.

”People have actually seen him carrying clothing around, and one of the neighbours watched him trying to steal a king size wool duvet off their drying rack.”

McLennan has set up a Facebook page to help reunite Haku’s haul with owners.

About 30 items have been returned by door knocking.

”So far people are really good humoured, there’s a lot of laughter, and I’m getting to know my neighbours which is actually quite nice.

”Half of them think that they want to adopt him because he’s such a character.”