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5 reasons to consider IPMI in the UK

When making a long-term switch from New Zealand to the UK, it’s all too easy to take healthcare for granted.


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When making a long-term switch from New Zealand to the UK, it’s all too easy to take healthcare for granted.

After all, this is the land of the NHS – and if anything, the recently introduced Health Surcharge for new visa applicants only reinforces the idea that you’re going to be looked after – come what may.  

So why do so many Kiwis opt for International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) before or shortly after their arrival on British shores? Here are five very good reasons…

1. IPMI can make it easier to access treatment

An estimated third of New Zealanders have private health insurance back home. It means that many of us are used to having a considerable degree of control over when and where we are treated.

In the UK, by contrast, there is often a much stronger “lottery” element; even getting a GP appointment can be hard going, while waiting times for diagnostic tests and specialist referrals can often vary considerably depending on where you happen to live. IPMI means not having to rely on luck, making it easier to access the treatment you need.

2. The support network you deserve

For workers, students and retirees alike, as well as being a big commitment, a move to the UK can also mean no longer having a support network on your doorstep. In the event of a medical event or health scare, it’s more important than ever to be able to access the right care and rehabilitation.

Cigna Global offer a range of benefits that provideWith coverage for available for both inpatient and outpatient treatment and support. IPMI therefore makes it less likely that your plans will be waylaid by a medical emergency. Repatriation coverage is there if you need it, and this can also include the cost of compassionate visits for loved ones.


3. Ideal for mobile, international workers

The UK may be your main base, but your new job may also involve frequent visits to Europe and beyond. Relying on standard ‘travel insurance’ for international assignments can be problematic; it tends to be designed for emergency situations only and can often fail to give you the cover you need where pre-existing conditions are present.

International Health Insurance policies from providers such as Cigna Global are designed for those living and working abroad , providing you with consistent levels of cover across wide geographical areas and across international borders; ideal if you are seconded across Europe.

4. Dealing with shortfalls in your company health insurance

So you’ve been promised company health insurance as part of your new job. But just how useful is the policy? Does it cover your family? Does it take into account your circumstances and specific commitments as an expat? IPMI can be highly useful for filling in the gaps and covering any shortfall.

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5. Tailor a plan to meet your needs

It’s not about needlessly paying for insurance coverage that simply isn’t relevant to your needs. Nor is it about leaving you or your family exposed to risk. Instead, IPMI should be flexible enough to give you the coverage that meets your specific circumstances. It’s why IPMI can be equally as valuable to a young, single New Zealander on a short-term secondment – as well as a family making a permanent commitment.

For a quote and to find out more about how UK-based New Zealand nationals can benefit from IPMI, visit www.cignaglobal.com.