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London O2Touch Spring Season Finals

The spring season is now complete and with a large number of finals being played during the past week, we at In2Touch would like to give you a snapshot of what happened in this very successful 2015 spring season


It all started in King Georges Park at our Tuesday Putney/Wandsworth league where the Moose Knuckles and Shake & Bake went head to head in the Men’s final. In a very closely-fought contest, Moose Knuckles emerged the victors by six touch downs to three.
The game in the mixed division almost went to a nail-biting drop-off as the teams were tied 3-3 right up until the final hooter sounded. That did not deter Ralph Wiggums Wingmen, who continued to play and were able to score in the right-hand corner to crown themselves champions and beat Organised Confusion 4 – 3.

On Wednesday there were 10 finals taking place all the way from Surrey Quays in Southwark Park to Richmond’ s iconic, Old Deer Park. The Richmond league has grown consistently over the past four years, with 16 teams competing in this years spring league.

Four-time reigning spring champions, Red Mist, did not have it their way this time. Having reached the final once again, Red Mist came up against an extremely determined Scrummers 2015. Scrummers have made immense progress since joining the leagu,e and are one of the teams to be rewarded for utilising their ladies correctly, which many teams do not do.

The game was free flowing with both teams creating many opportunities in the first half. By the second half the teams had tightened up, which resulted in a few heated moments in the game. By the time the final hooter sounded neither team knew who had won until the ref consulted his scorecard to reveal that the Richmond spring winners were Scrummers 2015 winning 8 – 7.


The In2Touch team would like to take this opportunity to thank those people responsible for the smooth running of the venues across London. A big thank you to all the Venue Managers and referees who have given up their time to make sure the teams, players and supporters enjoy touch in London each week.
If you think you have what it takes and would like to know more about being a referee or venue manager, please contact In2Touch at [email protected].


Feeling left out of all the fun and want to enjoy the summer that much more? Why not get involved and enter a team with your group of friends or register online as an individual and get drafted into teams that are looking for additional female and male individuals to join their team.

On Monday 22 June, the summer season kicked off in Regents Park and then in the week commencing 29 June, the Clapham Common, Clapham/Wandsworth Common, Putney/Wandsworth, Richmond and Surrey Quays summer leagues all start up again.